The second step was the name given to the time when humans discovered interstellar travel.


In 2013, a sensational discovery of ancient ruins in Egypt opened doors to new technological advancements for the human race. Interstellar travel became possible and soon, new worlds and civilizations were discovered and of course conquered. This Era was known as the second step. The riches of the New World only furthered the progress and it seemed that conquering the whole universe was only a matter of time.

Downfall of HumanityEdit

In 2104 AD, suddenly and without warning all hell broke loose. The evil incarnation of the ancient immortals, Tah-Um's forces came out of nowhere and started an attack on the New World Empire. Despite their power and technological advancements, humans and their allies were unable to fight them off. Planets and whole solar systems fell one by one. The Human forces fell back to their last sanctuary, Earth. No matter how bravely they fought, mankind was destined to vanish forever, and for Earth to collapse. Sam Stone, a veteran of the War, a legend who single-handedly annihilated thousands and thousands of monsters was their only hope. He was chosen to be sent back in time using the TimeLock, an ancient time travelling machine found earlier in Egypt, to destroy the Great Evil in the past in order to save the future.